Academics at University of Limpopo are suspended

SRC at university of Limpopo has suspended classes regard with the management to responds to the demands that they raised. among other demands, SRC led by SASCO wants managament to process the application for funds made by students who are not funded by NSFAS.

memo shutdown

All activities have been suspended since Wednesday. The daily press has learnt that the SRC president has been arrested by Mafoko securities, no communique has management released yet.



Long weekend for students of university of Limpopo declaired university principal

Vice chancellor and principal of university of Limpopo Prof Mahlo Mmokgalong  has declaired thursday of 18 April 2019 as university holiday as students will be prepairing themselves to go to their destination for esther’s holiday on friday of 17 April. The communique released during the day by the vice chencellor decleiring  thursday as school  holiday and wishing students safe journey to their destination.

On the communique Mmokgalong also mentioned that student should keep themselves safe on the road since during this time of the year the pronvince will be recieving lot of guests from different pronvinces heading to Moria and other destination.

Mmokgalong also congratulated all the graduates who graduated this autumn and asked those who wil be on the road to keep it safe since during this time there’s  high number of accidents happen on our roads.

The classes will resume on following tuesday[23 April] but the students who are doing bachelor of education will remain home since their teaching practise will be commencing for three weeks .

SABC Phalaphala reshuffles some shows and presenters.

Phalaphala f.m station programme manager has announced the reshuffle of some presenters and shows. while some shows will change names and time slot, some presenters contracts are not being renewed.

Divhambele “mr M.C” Mbalavhali announced on friday on his twitter that he won’t be returning to his show neither at the station, he spent six years as a presenter of night radio show. Some listeners thanked him for entertaining them during his show and wish him the best in his new path.

Breakfast show ‘Vhandlani’ has changed time slot from two hours to three hours with break. Sharon Ravele who is the programme director announced that Vhandilani will start at five ant take one hour brake “Vhandilani show will start at five a.m then takes break durng six o’clock to seven o’clock and resume for two hour”. But veteran presenter and producer MPho Nefale will still host the show allong with Terry Mudau.

Some night shows are not going to return whereas there will be a repetition of certain shows[that broadcasted during the day] during the night to midnight.

Allowances loaded into students accounts

Students at university of Limpopo end up rejoicing after their allowance were injected into their banking accounts, this comes after students’ allowances reflected on fundi system which was third part for more than three years. The money reflected on fundi system before it was transferred to recipient, day after.

The classes was not dismissed on 19 of February 2019 since it seems like SRC managed to talk to students to practise their maximum patience, while their transfer was still underway.

The students received their food allowance of almost R1200  and those who stay off campus received at least R2200  which include accommodation fees. SRC pleaded that students who did not receive their allowance the must update their banking details.

Can this means shutdown at university of Limpopo?


Student at university of Limpopo are threatening to suspend all classes today. This comes after the student have been promised that they will receive their food allowance and off campus allowance via their banking accounts but not fundi.

Early this morning the student received notification showing that their money has been loaded into their fundi account, earlier this year NSFAS announced on one of the national televisions that students will receive their allowances on their banking account.

The communique released late yesterday by SASCO the ruling party at University of Limpopo did not mention anything about students receiving their money into their account nor the fundi system. But it shows that student will receive their allowance

Students have been using fundi as their middle man between NSFAS and them for more than three years until NSFAS announced the changes earlier this year.

Students took their disappointment to UL students Facebook account [turf (campus) expose] showing how there are disappointed with the SRC since the broke the promises. Students received at least 5000 rand for book allowance into their account but now their February food allowance has been loaded into Fundi system.


Eskom implementing stage 2

Eskom announced its implementation stage two load shedding from 1 pm to 10 pm on Sunday. This is the first implementation in year 2019 after 2018 December power shortage. The announcement comes after president Cyril ramaphosa announced plans to restructure Eskom during state of nation address.



“customers are reminded to treat all electrical points as live during load shedding” said Eskom on a statement they released.

Eskom spokesperson Khulu Phasiwa says because of there is a shortage of capacity, there is a need for the utility to replenish their water and diesel reserves [eyewitness news]

The stage 2 implementation was last experienced las December 2018 before Christmas week.





Eyewitness News (Bonga Dlulane)


being first year student at university

home away from home

emotions run high as students leave they home to university for the first time, being independet for the first time, some find it very scary but some find it very interesting. being university students mean that: you are responsible for your life, no one is going to hold your hand and guide along the way like what your parents used to do back then, here it only means that ‘you are on your own’.

meeting new people can be tense, new lecturers, making friends, not being recognised by lecturers like what teachers used to do, you may feel like you are deserted since it is for the first time being surrounded by new enviroment.

everyone has his or her own experience at university, some get recognition at first site while for other it can take more than month to get recognised, and things like that can lead to depression since you are home far away from home. being at university does not mean studying 24/7, you are individual you can not exist alone, you need people to socialise, extra murals to participate in, it will help you to be exposed to university and all activites that is happening in university.

being indepent means that your parents are not seeing what you are doing becouse of the distance, which lead many students into intimate relationship which is not wrong since you are adult. but being adult comes with responsible, if you are in an intimate relationship make sure you know your status and your patner. most girls make themselves vulnerable, they only know “yes” they can not  even say “no”, i do not know why they are like this but most male students take advantage of those girl.

but at the end of the day you must remember that you are at universuty to study which means that you should balance your social and academically life, these two things must go hand in hand, becouse if you do not manage them you will suffure alot. for example you may lose your bursary or repeat some modules which is not best experience becouse you want to graduate in record time.


1. image by: getty  image ( “the rooms are tiny: limit belongings to one suitcase  and one storage box”).