Students Walked out of examination room

University of limpopo students who are doing 3rd level in education stormed out of examination room shouting that they won’t write a test because it’s difficult. The video went viral on social networks shows students throwing question papers on air

Educationally philosphy test was suppose to commence on 28 August at 18h00 but students disrupt the test by walking out of exam room while tearing the question papers.

Management held the meeting on early in the morning of 29 August, discussing the behaviour of students. University spokesperson said they are still investigating the issue, they will release the statement when the are done. “I doubt if students will be given second chance to rewrite the test” add UL spokesperson.


Breaking into modelling industry

Blessing “nkateko” Mkhabele a 22years old student who is currently studying BED in life orientation and Xitsonga in University of Limpopo,   found passion in modelling industry.

“becoming a model it’s been my childhood dream”, besides being a model blessing wanted to do fashion since he was young, but he could not tailor clothes. Growing up seeing people modelling on television influenced him to to join group of students who are models also “Naomi Campbell influenced me to be who I am today I know she is a female but she had a good influence in me” seeing models in magazines made Blessing to envy them and try to audition here on campus. Modelling want someone who is dedicated to what he or she want said Blessing “modelling is not about height, it’s about being dedicated and discipline” you don’t need to have pretty face to become a model, you must work hard if you want to become a model.

“modelling it’s about you expressing yourself not taking pictures and
walking in the ram” you must do research and ask people who have been in the industry for a long time if you want to become a model said Blessing. There are so many challenges in the industry at some point you get turned down “you need to find agency and a person you will be modelling for,”. because a 22 years model is not that well-known since he is modelling at school. Blessing want to see himself as a well-known and most influential model in next five years. “I am not that person who speculate or fantasise about the future, but I want to see myself growing in the industry”.


Besides being a model, during the week blessing dedicate his time in studying and going to the field for health body and he likes to inspire people in terms of education. Blessing said he cannot live without his mom as she is the lady who encourage him to persuade his dream, and his phone “I love surfing Instagram most people on Instagram influence me to chase what I want”. you can follow him on Instagram at nkateko_mkhabela or facebook Mkhabela Nkateko.